BTCclicks Review : The Best Platform to Earn Free Bitcoins in 2020

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, more and more people are looking to get on the crypto.

If you’re not ready to buy Bitcoin with fiat currency or if you are looking for legitimate ways to earn free bitcoin, then this review post is for you.

At present, one of the top bitcoin earning site hitting my ears is BTC clicks.

BTC clicks is getting a lot of Buzz on the internet. Moreover, it is making the rounds on social media as well.

I have collected all the details of BTC clicks with complete research. Let’s get Started.

What Is BTC clicks?

BTCclicks is also known as PTC website, which means Pay-To-Click. These websites pay you in return for clicking on advertisements displayed on their website. Usually, the Pay-to-Click websites are legit thing, but sometimes you have to be very careful as there are a lot of scams out there. When a site promises to pay you more for each click, they will be a scam. This website doesn’t pay you in USD instead they pay out in cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

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How do BTCclicks Work?

Working on BTCclicks is quite simple and easy as we do on other earning sites. The basic way to earn income on BTCclicks is by viewing advertiser’s web page.

Initially, You need to enter your Email and set up a password. Once you verify your email, you can start surfing Ads. At first, the number of ads available for viewing is around 10 – 15 seconds. However, there are some ads that you need to view for 20 seconds or even for 60 seconds. Eventually, the longer the viewing time, the higher the pay. You might notice around 20 to 25 ads initially. Later, ads are almost doubled when you continue to use. Further, after viewing all the ads, check back after a couple of hours to view new ads if available.

Further, after reaching a minimum amount of earnings, you can withdraw your earnings which is 0.1mBTC that is equivalent to 0.001BTC and $0.33 USD.

Btcclicks Withdraw

Btcclicks Withdraw

Basically, members have to wait for 24 hours in order to receive the payment with 1.5% fees. Moreover, members who feel 1.5% fee is unnecessary can withdraw their money after their minimum balance reaches 0.001BTC. Bitcoin will be sent to the wallet instantly with no fees deduction.

On the other hand, you can also pay for a premium membership, which costs 1.72800 mBTC per 3 months. Premium members earn twice as much money.

Apart from this, you have different ways to earn Profit.

If someone login through your referral link, you can earn upto 40 %to 80% referral commissions. The more people you refer, the more money you can earn.

Referral Opportunity

In BTCclicks, you will not make much money by clicking on advertisements. This site requires you to take 5,000 clicks prior to earning so much as a dollar. You will also not be able to click so many times a day as they do not display that many different advertisements.

I know this is not much exciting. But what is much more exciting is their referral program. This program helps you earn 80% commission from the people you refer. Suppose you refer a friend and they start clicking on ads, you can earn 80% of whatever they make. I consider that BTC clicks affiliate referral program is one of the best options to make through this site.

BTCclicks Business Plan

BTCclicks Business Plan

Here, an advertiser pays the firm $1.00 per view. The platform will take a cut of $0.10 and the remaining $0.90 will go to other members. Further, $0.90 will be divided into 2 for Standard and Premium membership with $0.45 each. In the end, $0.45 will be divided among the earner and the referral which makes it $0.225 per view.

Assume you are a new standard member and don’t have any referrals. However, if you click an ad, you will earn $0.225. Further, when you have a referral and the referral clicked the same add, you will earn 80% of the $0.225 and 20% goes to BTCclicks.

Is It a Scam Or Legit?

According to my research and insights, BTCclicks is a legitimate PTC website who pays you for clicking advertisements. Although its legitimate, I would not recommend you to use this website because it’s not very rewarding to your time. This website requires days of continuous clicking before you can even cash out some dollars. As cryptocurrency is too volatile, this technique would sometimes work in you favour, but when the rates fall down you may be paid much less for your clicks. Despite this website being legitimate I would recommend you to go with other websites for better profit.

Final Verdict

Overall, the website is quite promising. Their ad rate is excellent and quite high compared to other sites. BTCclicks have an amazing custom site design and script. However, a beginner can work on BTC clicks without any Difficulty. BTC clicks have properly designed FAQ section that answers almost every question that raise.

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