Mellow Ads is Bitcoin Advertising company since 2015.
With over 250 Million Banner and pop-under impression from all over the world in a day.
You can Advertise or Monetize your site with Mellow Ads.

For Advertiser.
– Advertisers can advertise in two ways Banner or pop-under.
– Advertisers can Advertise choosing Daily campaigns, CPM campaigns, and CPC campaigns.
– You can advertise as low as $0.01.
– Geo-Targeting is also enabled for your ads.
– Advertisers can set the minimum bid for their Ads.
– Advertisers can also choose from publishers web lists to advertise on their sites.
– Detailed stats for your Ad campaigns.

For Publishers.
– Your Website should have in the top 100,000 rankings in Alexa.
– Publishers can monetize site by Mellow Ads banner Ads or pop-under ads.
– You can also OFF or ON the Investments, Drugs, Gambling and NSFW ads on your site, so, you have full control over which type of ads is shown on your website.
– You can also create campaigns where you choose the minimum price for ad display.
-Minimum withdraw is 0.001 BTC with the fee of 0.0005 BTC.

Other Advantages.
– There is also a Faucet, where you can claim 500, 1000 or 3000 Satoshi a day. You can only use that balance to advertise, you can’t withdraw those earnings.
You can refer others and you will earn 50% of their faucet claims for the lifetime.
– There is also URL Shortner, so you can shorten any link and earn money from them as well.