999dice Dice Games Review

Today we will be looking into 999dice.com and what Dice Game they offer. They have a dice game that is, of course, working under Provably Fair, which is always good news for players that wants to play a game of dice. Unlike any other online casinos out there today, here at 999dice, they operate with one game alone and that is Dice!

Yes, they only one type of Dice game and they are not shy about that. They also accept different types of crypto-currencies, which are easier for people to play with them. Here are the currencies that they accept. Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, and Monero are the currencies they accept. They also have a 99.9% Payout which they are very proud of! You will be able to see a short explanation on why they are better compared to other websites because of the 0.1% hedge.

You are also able to earn BTC by just referring people to their website! How awesome is that?

Dice Betting

You start the game by choosing your Bet size; the minimum is 0.00000001 up to how much you are willing to spend per draw. You are also able to change the percentage of your draw by clicking on “% Chance to win” and change it to the number that you think is profitable to your bet size. Please put in mind that the larger your chances of winning, the lesser you earn in profit. While doing the adjustments, you are able to use your mouse or your keyboard depending on the mapped keys presented on the game screen. Once you have decided how much your bet size is and the chances of winning are in perfect sync, then click on “Bet Low” or “Bet High.”

Bitcoin Faucet

In 999dice.com, they have a feature called “Bitcoin Faucet” wherein you are able to claim real Bitcoins every two minutes! Yes, those are free Bitcoins direct to your account with them. They made this feature so that new players such as us can try their Dice Game without depositing any real money first. That’s really great as you would enjoy the features and play them out a little bit before moving in with the real Moolah. Please be advised that you are only able to claim once every two minutes, once per IP and once per account.


It is clear by their name alone that 999dice.com doesn’t come with casino games, but with only one Dice game in hand. This is both relaxing and makes me feel fulfilled due to the fact that you do not need to be distracted by the whole process of registering an account and then trying to find the Dice game you want to play. Here, when you visit their website, you are automatically logged in and the game is right in front of you!

If you have extra time to spare, which we all do, try out their Dice game. Don’t worry about the Bitcoins as you are able to play for free with the use of their Faucet feature. All-in-all, their website is not bad at all.