A-Ads (Anonymous Ads) Review: Bitcoin Advertising Network

This text will tell you how the A-ADS bitcoin ads network helps advertisers to promote their products on Crypto traffic. A-ADS (former Anonymous Ads) is one of the oldest Bitcoin advertising networks on the Internet. It is the first crypto advertising network working since 2011 and providing high-quality crypto traffic to its advertisers. They accept publishers from all over the world and don’t have strict requirements for publishers to join their ad network. 

The A-ADS main payment model is a daily budget (that is the cost per day or CPD). It means that their system is not based on fixed CPM, which is a major difference from other ad networks. You can also work on CPM bids and CPA

A-ADS.com is an excellent alternative to the Coinzilla and Cointraffic ad network. Here in this article, I will share with you the major pros and cons, so you can see why A-ADS Network is a great choice.

The network claims that they don’t store any personal information of publishers and advertisers and that is why they are called Anonymous Ads Network. 

This is one of the fastest-growing crypto advertising ad networks. According to their statistics, they get more than 70 million impressions per day, more than 60 thousand clicks. Here is a step by step guide for advertisers and publishers on how to join the A-ADS network and profit with them.


A-ADS Detailed Review:

A-ADS Website

Here are the facts about A-ADS Network that you need to know:

  • Available payment Schemes: CPD (cost per day), CPM bids and CPC.
  • Ads Format: Banner Advertising.
  • Accepted Ads: no guns, no drugs, no CP.
  • Support: 24/7 Live Support.
  • Live chat: Yes,
  • Accepted Websites: All kinds of sites.
  • Traffic: Worldwide.
  • Top Geos: USA, Brazil, India, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China.
  • Referral Bonus: 10% of affiliate advertiser’s budget (or ½ of A-ADS fee);
  • Payment Method: Bitcoin.
  • Payment Frequency: Automatic, daily.
  • Minimum Payout for Publishers: 1 satoshi to Faucethub.io or 0.001 Bitcoin directly to bitcoin address;
  • Minimum Deposit for Advertisers: No restrictions;
  • Minimum sum to start an Ad campaign: no restrictions;
  • Accepted Payments: Bitcoin, Ripple, Qtum, Tether, NEO, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic, Tron, Verge, BitTorrent, GameCredits, DigiByte, Komodo, Zcoin, Ravencoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, BitcoinDiamond, Horizen, PIVX, Stratis, Vertcoin;
  • Official website: http://a-ads.com/?partner=303529

How Does A-ADS Work?

A-Ads.com allows its publishers to monetize their websites and blogs by displaying ads and thus earn bitcoins. They have advertisers from all over the world who keep looking for new sites to advertise. If your website is getting a certain amount of organic traffic, then you can monetize it with this fantastic Ad Network.

Advertisers can promote their product on thousands of sites listed on the A-ADS catalog. Usually, they pay on daily budget terms €“ this means they pay a certain sum a day and receive a proportional amount of targeted traffic. There are CPM bids for those who like fixed CPM.  There’s CPA too, so A-ADS advertisers can advertise on their publisher’s websites and pay only when they get results. 

A-ADS offers banner advertising only. This means no pop-ups, no video pre-rolls, no push-ups. The reason is the A-ADS team believes that advertising must be not annoying for Internet users, they stand for ethical advertising and making the Internet better.

It’s comfortable to work with A-ADS because they don’t cheat and they don’t spy. They have a perfect business reputation and maintain it since 2011. Payments to publishers are always on time. And if there are some technical issues on their fault, they’ll probably make refunds.

And I say they don’t spy because they don’t require any personal data from users. This means you can work with them absolutely anonymously if you want, not providing even an email! If you create anonymous campaigns or ad units, you won’t face those dull verifications and filling in long questionnaires, nothing of the sort. 

More, A-ADS doesn’t spy publishing site visitors. The only info they need to know about them is their IP.