Chegg Tutors Review: Make Money Tutoring or A Scam?


Thanks to the internet you can learn anything. You can google or YouTube most things. But sometimes you need more help and that’s where a tutor benefit certain people. But chances are you know this and it’s probably why you’re checking out a couple of Chegg Tutors reviews.

Well, we have everything you need to know, including the good, the bad and the ugly. So, let’s dive into it, shall we?

What Is Chegg Tutors?

Chegg Tutors found at is an online tutoring company that hires tutors to help students with assignments and class work. According to Wikipedia, Chegg Tutors (formerly instaEDU) was co-founded by Alison Johnston, Dan Johnston and Joey Shurtleff in San Francisco, CA in 2011.

How Does Chegg Tutors Work?

As a tutor, you’ll be assigned a class or tutoring session based on what you told them you’re good at. Students get to submit questions, choose a tutor and start the tutoring session on a visual whiteboard. The tutoring session can either be via text, audio or video, depending on the student’s wishes.

If the student and the site’s moderators are happy with the session, you’ll be paid based on the length of the classes you teach and your rating on the site.

Chegg Tutor Requirements

Chegg hires tutors from anywhere in the world. That said, all you need is a computer or laptop with a webcam and high speed internet. If you don’t have a laptop you can get a Chromebook on Amazon for as little as $200. You’ll first create a tutor account either using your Facebook account or Email. You can then log in and start the application process.

Once you’re in they’ll ask you to upload a profile photo, then say something about who you are and what you do. You’ll also have to prove your identity and qualifications by uploading photos of your ID, diploma and any other relevant document.

You’ll have to either be a university graduate or be enrolled in a four-year degree course. Once you’re through with that they’ll review your application and get back to you in a week or so.

How Much Money Do Chegg Tutors Make?

Chegg tutors make $20 an hour for starters. Once your reputation improves you can earn more money. They add up the number of hours you spent teaching students in a week and pay you for that.

How Does Chegg Tutors Pay You?

Chegg pays via PayPal every week on Thursday. They say they’ll pay you for every minute you worked from Wednesday 7:05 am PDT of the previous week and 7:05 am PDT of the current week. You only need 5 minutes worth of work to qualify for payment.

What We Like About Chegg Tutors

International love

I get tons of questions and requests for international work at home opportunities from my subscribers on this website. Well, here you go! If you can access PayPal services then go ahead and apply and good luck!

PayPal payments

As mentioned earlier they pay you via PayPal. That tends to be a great payment option for people that work from home or freelancers. The fact they pay weekly is also a great plus.

Lots of useful teaching resources

Chegg has a virtual library where tutors get to borrow, buy and rent college textbooks. That is a huge benefit compared to other tutor companies that barely give you anything to work with.

Chegg Tutors Complaints

So up to this point it all sounds good. But this is the part of the review you’ve probably been waiting for. It’s where we lay everything bad and ugly on the table, so you know what you’re getting into. So let’s dive into the dirty stuff, shall we?

Students can be rude

It seems dealing with unruly students is something you have to get accustomed to while tutoring for Chegg. Some entitled students will talk back at you or even throw a few curses your way. According to some tutors, the student’s opinion comes first. Even if you report an abuse, the administrators have a very tired way of dealing with these claims.

You can’t live off a Chegg Tutors payday

Well don’t quit your day job just yet, especially if you’re tutoring the highly competitive subjects like English and Humanities. Tutors say these jobs are just not enough for everyone. Others are just quick-fire questions that don’t pay that well.


Is Chegg Tutors Safe?

Yes, Chegg Tutors is definitely safe if you’re looking to make a little something on the side. But you’ll probably have to supplement that income with other ways of making money online. Just like any other online hustle out there, the more you put in the better your payday. It’s also a good thing that they accept tutors from anywhere in the world, but that often means less work.

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